10 Step Facial Routine

1. Cleanse

Deeply cleansing targets dirt, makeup and sebum. 

2. Exfoliate  

Doing this step you are removing dead cells and uncovering new ones, also reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

3. Steam  

Warming the skin relaxes your face and open pores for deeper cleansing to follow. 

4. Mask

Deep clean pores, slough off dead skin cells, and nourish new cells. 

5. Tone

This step balances the skin pH and prepare for moisturizing. 

6. Nourish

Antioxidants can help protect the skin from free-radical damage. 

7. Eye Treatment    

The delicate, thin skin around the eyes are prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles.  Use your ring finger to place product on the orbital bone.

8. Moisturize

The skin benefits from moisturizing for fluid, flexible cells. 

9. Protect  

Apply sun protection as directed to help shield skin from UV rays. 

10. Mist 

Refresh and hydrate skin as the final step, you can mist your skin throughout the day.




Concealers & Foundations


I want to make sure everyone is using it and in the right way. First off, you have to pick a concealer that's right for you and how much coverage you need.

Yellow concealers also known as Apricot in color, used to conceal bluish bruises, under-eye circles and mild red tones on the face.

Lavender concealers used to normalize yellow-colored skin imperfections such as sallow complexions and yellow bruises. It can also help conceal very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on bronze skin tones, thanks to Aline Franco for showing me this trick!

Green concealers used to neutralize red tones on the skin. Use this for covering blemishes, zits, red blotches, rosacea, and port-wine stains

When using concealers tap it (not rub) underneath your eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner. Next put your foundation on, go over the concealer a little bit to hide it and even your skin tone. You may also use a foundation a bit lighter under your eyes to brighten them up as well.  Also, remember to layer instead of putting on a thick layer, which will cause creases. Always set your concealer in with translucent powder for a long lasting crease-less look.


Full Coverage - This gives you the "flawless" face; but you have to make sure you use the right product and the right amount. Too much or too thick will make you look cakey. This is for someone who has a lot of breakouts, pigmentation, or just a very uneven skin tone.  Layer it instead of putting on a thick layer.  Your tool would be a foundation brush or Beauty Blender.
Medium Coverage - It has more coverage than the sheer but not as much as the full. This is for anyone who wants some coverage. I would suggest using a concealer to cover spots if you have any. Your tool would be a foundation brush or Beauty Blender.
Sheer Coverage - This would be for someone who doesn't need much concealing, but still wants to even out the skin tone. Your skin will still look like skin. Your tool would be a foundation brush or Beauty Blender.
Powder - This would be best for oily skin as it contains no moisture in it. They are usually very matte unless it is a mineral powder (which tend to have shine). Usually, powder is easier for people to use everyday and on the go.  Your tool for this would be a powder sponge or a dense buffing brush.
Tinted Moisturizer - This is basically a moisturizer with a tint of color. This would either be for everyday wear just to neutralize the skin a bit, or someone who shows no flaws. Your tool for this would be fingers.

I always put on a hydrator first to help the foundation slip better; but make sure you wait a few minutes for the moisture to set in your skin. Put the foundation on with downward strokes to help minimize the look of pores and you don't want your fine hairs to stick out because that wouldn't be sexy!!!


Color of the Year 2014

Pantone's color of the year 2014 is "Radiant Orchid".  It is described as a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple!! I love this color because for me it represents royalty!

If you want to incorporate some "Radiant Orchid" into your makeup bag, my staples of this gorgeous color can be found below:  

MAKE UP FOR EVER #92 blended with #26 makes a great transient combination!





MAC Stars and Rockets, now who doesn't have this!!  This color is permanent so don't worry it's here to stay at MAC.  Every skin tone can wear this color.

Photo Credit MAC

Photo Credit MAC

MAC also brought back Heroine a beautiful purple, which I love.  Team it up with Currant Lip Pencil and --BOOM-- talk about seductive!

Photo credit MAC

Photo credit MAC

Urban Decay has an array of purples.  I would recommend trying Uncut, Fishnet, Omen and Psychedelic Sister.

Photo Credit Urban Decay

Photo Credit Urban Decay

Photo Credit urban Decay

Photo Credit urban Decay

Photo Credit Urban Decay

Photo Credit Urban Decay

Photo Credit Urban Decay

Photo Credit Urban Decay

For those who love gel polish, CND Vinylux has a gorgeous shade called Tinted Love.

Photo Credit CND

Photo Credit CND

Every brand will incorporate "The Color of The Year", Radiant Orchid, and it will take days to do a write up on all brands!  I suggest you go to your local makeup store and try out this enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones.


Everyone knows that I love brows...I'm considered the Brow Queen at work!  The latest brow craze is DipBrow Pomade.  It's formula is creamy and it glides on your skin, adhering to your hairs to create the most beautiful defined brow. 

It comes in 5 shades:  Auburn, Blonde, Chocolate, Dark Brown, and Ebony!  I have used Dark Brown with Makeup Forever Double-ended Angled Eyebrow and Eyelash Brush #274 a perfect brush for all your brow needs.

The opposite end the "spoolie" or "mascara wand," can be used for brushing up the brows. You can also use mascara, but I like to flip the brush when I'm defining my brows..and "there you have it -- what I like to use on my brows!"